Sale's Conditions

The clauses that make these Terms bind both parties and form an integral and inseparable part of the sales contract which effectively come into force at the time of signing the order at the request of the customer, through the contracting mechanisms will be specified later , all in accordance with the provisions of Art. 1255 of the Civil Code which enshrines the principle of autonomy and agreements between the parties.

These General Conditions are established pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Code in articles 1484 to 1490 for hidden defects to guarantee the rights of customers.

All machinery sold by this company is industrial machinery, so it is implied by buying it is for professional use or to exercise a commercial activity, regardless of use that gives the buyer, so the untreated of a commodity for a particular use is not covered by RDL 3/2014 of March 27 which modifies the RDL 1/2007 of 16 November and other complementary laws of February 1, 2010, and Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament of 25 October 2011 only for consumer goods.


TecnoChufa 2020, S.L. It reserves the right to modify the price of products offered in their Web pages.

The current price will be displayed on the website at the time of placing the order and payment.

The indicated price does not include VAT.

In all published product prices is not added shipping costs (freight and insurance).

Customer choice is the person withdrawing our stores, or request the sending freight collect or prepaid at your own risk, which may be exercised by indicating when ordering through our Web pages.

Our website will automatically calculate the cost of cheaper shipping to the customer.

Shipping costs are only calculated for Spain, including the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla to 1000 Kilos of volume.

For shipments to any other country should contact us to quote from them.

Sales to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are exempted from VAT, being by the customer the payment of taxes and customs charges corresponding. (Whenever TecnoChufa 2020, SL responsible for hiring by the customer to the transit agency.)

In the event that the customer is who takes charge of transport, will be charged the VAT as we receive the original export SAD will proceed to refund the amount of tax collected by bank transfer to your account situated in the country .

In the product price no installation or removal of old appliances are included.

When necessary start-up of a product, TecnoChufa 2020, SL may or may not provide this service through its Technical Assistance Service, if it is so; the cost will be indicated to her request and added to the order.

Sales made through the Websites of TecnoChufa 2020, SL They may be national or international,

In the case of international they will abide by the laws governing the country of destination of the equipment ONLY for the subsequent payment of taxes.

Anyone can browse and view the products TecnoChufa 2020, SL, but to order any product in the Websites of TecnoChufa 2020, SL You will have to be registered.

Register for the Websites of TecnoChufa 2020, S.L. It costs nothing, it's free. The client will have access to their personal data with a password, and can modify the data at any time. The purpose of registration is to ship products, offers and sales.

It has no obligation to be registered (unless you place an order). You can unsubscribe at any time.

Registering allows us to give a more personalized service. The information we receive when you register will be completely confidential and will not have any access to this information outsiders TecnoChufa 2020, SL

The registered person making an order for a product to TecnoChufa 2020, SL and receive a confirmation of this email, you agree that it has been awarded a contract under Spanish law and the Castilian language.

Once the purchase is made, you can not cancel or nullify without authorization from TecnoChufa 2020, SL.

The right of withdrawal is not covered in this contract not be a commodity.

Orders who attend us, of a certain quantity of goods, may be completed in partial deliveries.

The gifts that may accompany some products will be delivered only while supplies last.

The photographs presented may not correspond exactly with some of the models offered. The photos may show accessories that are sold separately.

When multiple colors of a TecnoChufa 2020 product, SL no commitment to send the same color as displayed in the picture. If the / the buyer / a want a particular color, he / she must send an email with the color of your choice and / or indicate at checkout.

The purchased product may suffer, by availability of the manufacturer, no substantial changes in the components, features or benefits that form part of the lot, provided they do not pose a demerit of the qualities and services advertised.


The commitment of TecnoChufa 2020, S.L. sale and delivery of the goods offered is subject to stock the advertised product and its availability while stocks last, so TecnoChufa 2020, SL in its commitment to quality and customer service, try at all times that the advertised products are available. However, in order to attend interactive multi-exceptional circumstances or those which cause the stocks of the product, the order and the contract between the parties shall have no effect under this clause, fully restoring the client in case prepaid amounts paid by it (except banking expenses incurred), without it being necessary for any of any indemnity for breach of contract, damages or lost profits parts.


All sales of products are made to the address of TecnoChufa 2020, SL, is not being considered as a sale at a distance, to be everything we sell industrial machinery and not be covered by the law for consumer goods.

All our products are of the highest quality and have undergone rigorous manufacturing controls and properly tested before shipment, so always go in perfect condition and operation.

In the case of exhibits shall state expressly the client.

Machines used have no guarantee. When used in professional, business or industrial equipment, purchases made not subject to Legislative Royal Decree 3/2014 and 1/2007, by which the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers adopted and users.

Before you can place an order on the website of TecnoChufa 2020, SL you will be asked your name and password and also have to accept these Terms of Sale to confirm the order.

The amount of the product with freight and transport insurance (if applicable) will be charged to your account by TecnoChufa 2020, SL, through the shopping cart at the time of placing the order.

When ordering or reservation means accepting the conditions of sale set out on this page.

Payments may be made by credit card, Visa and Master Card, Bank Transfer, or by entering the amount of the product before shipment, in an account specified by TecnoChufa 2020, SL

Payments by credit card require a Landline / Mobile contact to make the shipment and it is only accepted if the purchase is secure (CES), ie when the cardholder has been verified.



Orders can be canceled by the customer in the following cases:

The customer can cancel the order when having been accepted, it has not been paid within 7 working days.

When not effected the shipment of the product.

When the case of special manufacturing machines, it has been started (will entail a penalty of 50% of the total amount for expenses and losses incurred)

When the case of machines from other manufacturers or import, have not been referred by the same manufacturer (in this case also will suffer a penalty of 50% of the total amount for costs and damages incurred by both parties)

Orders can not be canceled by the customer when the machine of special construction has been built in its entirety, or special machine import Halle road or in our facilities.

We reserve the right to unilaterally cancel the back orders when the purchaser has failed to comply fully or partially anywhere in our conditions of sale.


Delivery times contained in our website and corresponding order will merely indicative.

The delay in the delivery, whether for whatever reason, shall in no case cause for a claim by the buyer.


All products always travel at the buyer's risk.

TecnoChufa 2020, S.L. will not assume in any case the transport risks.

Goods are deemed to be delivered to our warehouses or distribution depots, stopping our responsibility for them from the moment that we provide the carrier.

The fact that we hire the transport of goods, and in some cases amount bonifiquemos not lead to the repeal of the previous clause, or the acceptance by us of the risks of it.

In case of failures, damage, failure or delay, it is the customer who has to make claims against carriers or freight forwarders, exonerating to TECNOCHUFA 2020, SL, which will be the only mediator.

Unless specifically instructed by buyer, shipments of goods made by medium and lower fare.

If it is rejected or not delivered, such goods will be returned to TECNOCHUFA 2020 being available to the customer for 30 days, after this period the goods remain the property of TECNOCHUFA 2020, SL by considered abandonment.

Goods may be delivered to our store customer personally, to a third party designated by the client or a transport agency contracted by the customer (on delivery), in which case it will always be liable for any loss or damage to the customer.


For any claims for possible incidents as the product is delivered damaged, broken or other susceptible cause of complaint to the carrier will follow these steps:

1. If you consider this anomaly or impact on the delivery note of the agency at the time of delivery.

The delivery is proof of the condition of the goods, the consignee accordingly is required to indicate in the delivery note if the shipment is damaged, if the package is dirty, crumpled or damaged, etc. or if the shipment is not complete.
The carrier will not accept any complaints if it does not claim delivery notes of the same and if not done properly written complaint within 24 hours at delivering it.



Do not sign a delivery note before receiving the goods if the dealer tells you otherwise. !!

2. Taking photographs packing and damage to the product or machine to be sent to both the transport agency as TecnoCHUFA 2020, SL

3. Tell first by phone and in writing to both the transportation agency as TecnoChufa 2020, SL 24 hours after receipt of the product.

4. the agency will take over the collection of the goods and freight to our workshops for review, assessment and budget to the transportation agency, to pay for the repair Upon acceptance by the transportation agency of his guilt, the same.

5. You must pack the product in the same way it was delivered, for collection by the agency, in the event that relevant.

6. TecnoChufa 2020, S.L. will review these documents and after their agreement shall repair or replacement as appropriate.


Our goods are issued usually packed in cartons or in the usual way that the manufacturer deems.

As reasonably possible we attend the instructions of the buyer on other classes or forms of packaging, which is made at cost.

Unless notice to the contrary, or may be specified in the particular conditions of each product, the cost of packaging, figure included in the price of goods.

In the case of special packaging, shipping or upon request from the same client will be charged separately on our invoices.

The return of packaging is not supported, being non-recoverable type.





In case of malfunction of the machine, it may be returned prepaid within a maximum period of seven days with the guarantee certificate and the invoice for review and adjustment, referring it back to the customer freight collect.

In any case, the Technical Service will move to the customer for repair or overhaul address.

In the unlikely event that a wrong product, TecnoChufa 2020, SL is delivered It undertakes after receiving the wrong product and check its proper functioning or state, to deliver the ordered product to the customer, being the costs of collection and subsequent delivery to our office (only in this case).


The guarantee of our machines will start the day following the date of the invoice.

The guarantee of our products is 1 year on mechanical components. it being understood that from the sixth month is the customer who must demonstrate that the malfunction of the machine or part is due to a latent defect. The warranty does not cover misuse or incompetence and mishandling or damage resulting from improper installation. The guarantee is personal and not transferable holder of the bill.

It's warranty includes replacement of faulty mechanical part or machine (no electrical component).

During the warranty service will be provided on behalf and at the expense of the customer.

In the case of malfunction, the faulty part (other than electrical component) or the machine must be sent to TECNOCHUFA 2020, SL or the manufacturer of the goods (provided that available SAT) prepaid to verify that the malfunction is due to a manufacturing defect, so be covered by the warranty or the manufacturer, in which case, will repair or replace the machine part without charge, be sent to the customer freight collect.

Exclusions to this warranty:

They are not included in the warranty: The electrical components, resistors, switches, fittings, lighting, thermostats, electric motors, fuses, etc. (Items not manufactured by TECNOCHUFA 2020, SL).

They are not included in the warranty: Crystals, methacrylates or Plexiglas.

They are not included in the warranty: Costs for damages that are caused to the machine, by the customer, by designee or the carrier hired by the customer during transportation from the factory to your destination, go or unpackaged.

Not covered by warranty: Damage caused by falls, blows, neglect, power surges, connection to different voltage indicated disconnect protection to forced breaker breaker, incorrect installation, incorrect or improper use, failure to follow instructions of use, lack of maintenance and / or cleaning, use of inappropriate or recommended products, damage from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, etc.

It not covered by this warranty suffering wear parts for its normal use.

It not covered by this guarantee personal and material damages caused by misuse (not following the instructions for use) in inappropriate places or unvented gas engine.

The guarantee of any part or machine void if for any reason it is tampered causing him harm.

In any case TECNOCHUFA 2020, S.L. will pay the cost of warranty repair to the customer.

In the case of machines from other manufacturers acquiring to the regulations of the manufacturer warranty of their products are applied.

The guarantee provided shall be exercised by the manufacturer of the purchased product.

For any questions or request for advice the customer should contact the manufacturer.

Any malfunctioning piece must be submitted by the customer to the manufacturer's expense, after reviewing the part manufacturer this will determine whether or not for their replacement under warranty, sending delivery, if appropriate, another piece of the same or similar characteristics .

Expenses for travel and labor for the repair of a product, even if made by the manufacturer or its technical borne by the buyer.

When a machine from another manufacturer TECNOCHUFA 2020, SL, sold it is understood that only intervenes as a seller is not liable in any case of malfunctioning of the machine purchased, so it will not pay to repair it or admit any claims about the product.

For the guarantee to be effective, must present proof of purchase together with the warranty certificate.


The budgets we do to repair the machines are always approximate, if once the repair appeared more damaged accessories and you have to change for the good functioning of the machine will be told for approval.

Any repaired machine that has not been withdrawn by the customer or the amount paid within 30 days after proper notice, it will be our property, be considered abandoned, so dismantle the new parts and will devote the rest to scrapping.

If I made the repair budget, the client will not accept the budget, subject to a minimum charge of 60'00 € for costs incurred or greater amount corresponding to the work done for the realization of the budget.


While the goods have not been fully satisfied it will be considered property of TecnoChufa 2020, SL under this agreement domain, regardless of the place where he is installed, and the latter may withdraw it at any time if the purchaser has not made payment model that was, or if it is declared in default, bankruptcy, bankruptcy or removed, or expected.

It is understood that the power to withdraw the goods may be made by the seller at any time attend those circumstances, it suffices for the presence of the seller or their proxies at the registered buyer or industry, with the assistance of Notary shall record the removal of the goods.


For all the effects of this contract it is duly understood that both parties, seller and buyer are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of CATARROJA (Valencia).